Community engagement is one of the most important roles we play here at Harapan. Getting out into the community and chatting with people, volunteers and businesses allows people to be educated about Harapan and the type of community work that we carry out here in Bali. 

Last Friday we met at Finns Recreation Club to chat to a group of members that are really interested in getting involved with our organization. One of the biggest questions here was - 'what do you do? and how can we help?

The key team members from Harapan were more than happy to schedule an exclusive meeting at Finns Rec Club - to meet and greet people and chat about the possibilities for the future.

From these meeting we are able to gauge peoples thoughts. We are able to gather such important ideas and creative suggestions on how people are able to engage with Harapan and contribute in any capacity that they wish for.

In simple terms - these meeting are fun and engaging - and incredibly beneficial for everyone that attends. We we're able to chat over coffee, what the group would like to contribute as a whole, and as individuals. 

Community engagement is so important as one of Harapan key functions. To get out to the people that require help or to the people that can offer it - is equally rewarding and vital to our daily operation at Harapan.

We look forward to seeing some amazing results from the Finns members in the future - and as usual thanks everyone for their time, participation and showing an interest in helping the community.